Dean with Home.JPG

NAME: Dean

AGE: 36



We met Dean while we were homeless for 4 days on the coldest days NYC has seen in over 90 Years.  Dean was not only helpful with how to find food, how to navigate the streets, but also found us a safe warm place to stay for the night.  As you can imagine, we wanted to in turn help Dean out.

We came up with a unique way to get Dean off the streets by developing a hidden home in the middle of NYC.  This home is fully equipped with 3 solar panels, 2 USB ports for easy charging, fan, led lights, shelving, locking mechanism for safety, 6 wheels for easy transport/mobility, and a window for ventilation.

The next steps for Dean are:

  1. Get him official documents so he can work legally
  2. Re-introduction to the work place
  3. Get him a job
  4. Get him a real home