This homeless guy lives in a box disguised as a dumpster
By Kirsten Fleming
April 9, 2017 
Kitty-corner to the Chanel boutique at Spring and Wooster streets in Soho sits a vacant lot surrounded by a tall chain-link fence. Locked to the outside of the fence is what appears to be a black wooden Dumpster, tagged by a graffiti artist. It’s the kind of thing you see all over the city and think nothing of. But this wooden bin doesn’t hide trash cans — it houses a man.
“A lot of people come by with big bags on their shoulders and try to throw them out,” said secret resident Damian “Dean” Cummings, 39. They try to open the fake lid, only to realize it’s fixed (Cummings enters through a door on the side). “It’s really funny. One time I laughed a little too hard, and the guy was like, ‘Hello?!’ ”........ Read More



I Am Supported is a platform dedicated to helping the homeless get off the streets and reintegrate into society one person at a time.

Powered by social media and donor support we will accomplish this important mission through 5 critical steps:

  1. We identify the homeless person in need.
  2. We create a profile for the homeless person where users will be able to browse through the individual profiles
  3. You get to know a little about them and donate directly to their account.
  4. We will first help them with immediate needs such as food, water, counseling, and temporary shelter.
  5. We work with them on getting everything needed to secure a job; permanent housing with an address, identification, work clothes, resume and a re-introduction (or introduction) to what the workplace will be like.

You follow the progress.

** The promise we make to our donors is that none of the money donated will go towards drugs or alcohol. **






NAME: Damian "Dean" Cummings

AGE: 39



We met Dean while we were homeless for four of the coldest days NYC has seen in over 90 Years... 





I AM SUPPORTED was founded by Shane Duffy and Phil Sullivan because they saw a real opportunity to make a difference in the homeless community, one homeless person at a time.

Phil Sullivan is a top model in NYC who showed up for his successful run on America’s Next Top Model with duct-taped socks. He’s appeared in publications from Vogue to Nylon Magazine. He was homeless less than decade ago and is passionate about making a difference

Shane R. Duffy is a US Army Veteran, successful model and television personality. Most recently he appeared on NBC Universal’s show Built, Steve Harvey Show, Fox and Friends and more.

To kick off the I AM SUPPORTED effort and familiarize themselves as much as possible with today's homeless community, Shane and Phil spent 4 days with the homeless community during the coldest nights  NYC has seen in 90 years, we are able to help the homeless through our unique experiences.